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Google Pixel Watch 2 Preview

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With the Pixel Watch 2, Google is doubling-down on fitness and wellness with a host of new features. First and foremost is a more accurate heart rate sensor. The watch also has a new Body Response feature that uses a new continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor to detect stress, prompting you to log your mood or take steps to reduce it like guided breathing or mindfulness.

1. Optical Heart Rate Sensor

The Pixel Watch 2 also gets a more powerful quad-core Snapdragon Wear 5100 processor that’s said to make animations look smoother. It’s a welcome improvement over the first-generation model’s choppy experience.

Other improvements include better workout tracking. The Pixel Watch 2 automatically recognizes seven different workout types and will stop tracking when it detects that you’re done with a workout. And it can now remind you to start a new activity, such as running or cycling.

The Pixel Watch also has a cEDA sensor (continuous electrodermal activity) from Fitbit and a stress-tracking feature called Body Response that uses heart rate, skin temperature and other signals to detect if you’re feeling stressed or excited. It’ll then prompt you to do something to calm down, like guided breathing or a mindfulness session.

And the cellular-enabled Pixel Watch 2 now offers Safety Check, which lets you set a timer that will automatically share your location with emergency contacts or call for help from 911. It’s a bit like’s Check In feature, but it works even when your phone isn’t nearby.

2. Body-Response and Skin Temperature Sensors

Last year, Google entered the smartwatch space with its Pixel Watch. It was an ambitious debut for a company that had only just begun work on Wear OS back then.

This year, the Pixel Watch 2 aims to improve upon its predecessor in several ways. It has a heart rate sensor that’s up to 40% more accurate in tracking vigorous activities such as HIIT, spinning and rowing. It also has a better sleep tracking system with daily and weekly Sleep Scores.

Another major improvement is stress management, which takes advantage of a new continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor that looks for microscopic beads of sweat to detect your body’s response to different situations. It then suggests steps you can take to unwind, including guided breathing and mindfulness sessions. Safety isn’t forgotten either with Fall Detection and an emergency feature called Safety Check that will automatically alert your designated contacts. The Pixel Watch 2 can store medical information, such as allergies and blood groups, as well.Read Also :Potkytube.

3. Safety Check

A new feature called Safety Check will allow Pixel Watch owners to set a timer that will remind them to check in with friends and family. If you don’t respond by the timer’s end, the watch will share your real-time location and medical info with emergency services or those you designated as safe contacts (via cellular on your phone or built into the watch if it has a cellular variant).

The Pixel Watch 2 also has a more powerful processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 5100 SoC, that should boost performance and battery life. Google says the new watch will last 24 hours with an always-on display and charge in 75 minutes for a full day of use.

Other software tweaks include new watch face options, improved Calendar and Gmail integration, Google Assistant health and fitness queries and a new At a Glance complication. It also adds a waterproofing rating of IP68 that confirms the device will stand up to dust and water immersion for 30 minutes.

4. Safety Signal

At a glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Pixel Watch 2 is almost identical to its predecessor. The design and clasp are unchanged, but the internals get a few improvements.

Google’s adding a new Safety Check feature that works like Apple’s Emergency SOS. It lets you set a timer to check in with friends or family, and if you don’t respond it will start sharing your location (via cellular from your phone or LTE built-in if you have the cellular variant) for a set period of time.

Also new is Medical ID, which lets you proactively share your info to emergency services, and a reworked version of Emergency SOS that can connect to 911 without having your phone nearby. Finally, battery life gets a boost to 24 hours with always-on display turned on. And charging is a bit faster as well, with Google promising a full day’s charge in 75 minutes. All of these are on top of the other updates, including a smarter Google Assistant with new health and fitness queries and an improved watch face that draws from its Material You design language.