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Even Though One Legged Pants Are Agents Of Chaos, I Still Adore Mine

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If you’ve ever worn a pair of pants with only one leg, then you know the struggle. No matter how much effort you put into finding that perfect pair of pants, it’s still going to be impossible to find pants that fit perfectly around your waist while also being long enough to cover your calves. But I love my one legged pants so much that I wear them anyway even though people stare at me whenever they see me wearing them. Here’s why:

On The Day I Lost My Favorite Pair Of Jeans, I Was Wearing a Skirt

It was not a good day to wear a skirt. It was winter, and though it was only 20 degrees outside, my skin felt as if it were burning away in the heat. The sun had been hiding for days behind clouds that looked like they might burst at any moment every time I walked past someone on the street who wasn’t wearing sunglasses (who could blame them?), their eyes were hidden behind pinpricks of light where stars should have been shining through from above. If you stood outside long enough, your breath would turn into clouds around your face and disappear straight into thin air before reaching anyone else’s eyesight including yours.

It’s Unclear How I Got into that Situation

Somewhere along the way, one legged pants got a bad rap. If you ask me, it’s no more than they deserve. The truth is that one legged pants are agents of chaos and disorder, and I love mine with all my heart.

It’s unclear how I got into that situation. As far as I remember, I was looking for a pair of jeans or maybe even some chinos when I found the trousers in question (they were in the sale). They were too big in the waist and tight in the calves a classic combination that somehow felt fresh and exciting when combined with their unusual leg shape and they just seemed like they’d fit perfectly on my body type’s rack at home: two different shapes sewed together into one whole outfit!

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to wear them this way before going through another phase where only shirts with sleeves longer than six inches exist for me; but for now, “one legged pants” is just an expression used by people who don’t understand me well enough yet.”

The Reason I Wore A Skirt

The reason I wore a skirt might have been to avoid getting into this situation. I’ve worn skirts and dresses since the ’80s because I don’t like wearing pants. (Especially jeans.) When I was younger, my dad gave me an old pair of corduroys that were too big for him, so he said they’d fit me. They didn’t stay up around my waist and even less so when I was sitting down or moving around at all a constant distraction.

My father also used to wear shorts that had cargo pockets on both sides, which meant he could store stuff in one pocket but still have another empty pocket available as well as another hand free while walking around with friends or family members who were wearing normal shorts instead of cargo pocket ones like him… Do you know how it feels to find the perfect pair of jeans? Like they’re made just for you, they hug your body just right, and they make you feel like a million bucks. Now imagine that feeling, but with pants. It’s incredible.

They Were Also Very Long  Like Ankle Length Long

  • You can wear them with anything from a long sleeved tee, to a flowy crop top, or even a turtleneck.
  • They pair especially well with sneakers and platform heels for an edgy look.
  • They also look great with booties and pumps.

The Next Morning I Wore Them To Work

I can’t help but be drawn to the one legged pants. Maybe it’s because they’re so different from everything else in my wardrobe, or maybe it’s because they make me feel like a badass. Regardless of why, I’m always excited to wear them on the days I have them on rotation and even more so when the day ends up being especially busy at work and demands extra hustle from me.

In short: The one legged pants are a statement! And sometimes that statement is “I’m here for you with all of my heart.” And sometimes that statement is “I’m here for you and only you.” And sometimes that statement is simply “you look great today,” even if no one else says so (or says anything at all). Anne Quito is a former coworker who worked in the office next to mine. She noticed my pants the moment she walked into work and thought it was hilarious, but she’s not a fashion icon or even an avid follower of style trends.

She’s also not someone who should be looked up to for her insight into fashion. She doesn’t know what qualifies as a good or bad style she just likes what looks good on her body. Which makes sense: after all, if you can pull off wearing one legged pants without looking like an idiot (me), then you probably don’t need anyone else’s approval anyway!

You’re Going to Love Your One Legged pants but People are going to Stare at you a Lot

One legged pants are not for everyone. They’re for people who like to stand out and don’t mind being stared at. If you feel uncomfortable by the idea of attention, then one legged pants probably aren’t right for you. As with anything new and different, it takes time to get used to it especially when that something is as unusual as a pair of one legged pants! But once you give them a chance, I think they’ll win over your heart too!


So, if you’re looking for a pair of jeans that are going to make people stare at you, I’ve found the perfect pair. They’re not too long or too short; they’re just right. And the best part? They were only $10!